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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This has been one of the best weeks of my life so far. I have been so happy and learned so much!! I don't even know where to start. Well I start by telling you the worst experience of my life. So. My plane left from salt lake to Atlanta (4 hours) then from Atlanta to Amsterdam (8 hours) and my flight to Leeds was supposed to be about 2 hours later but it got canceled. The next available flight was !6 hours later, and then that one got delayed making it 17 and a half hours later. No phone, no computer, no headphones, nothing. Just me, my scriptures, and preach my gospel. Gratefully I had all of your letters but I read them all on the first plane! I walked around every square inch of that airport in boredom and i kid you not I found a piano!!! I played that for about an hour and probably drove everyone crazy! Dont care, I was suffering. You guys have no idea! But it was all worth it to get here. I was picked up by President Turvey and his wife and my companion, Elder Campbell and we actually stayed in a hotel that night because it was so late and we had zone conference the next morning. It was awesome!

My flat is so small haha I love it. Picture my room, now imagine 2 bunk-beds in it with no closet! We live with 2 other missionaries who are a blast! One was actually in the MTC with me and the other is from Tonga. Anyway, we have a dresser type thing that we all share and there's no room to have messes so that's nice that its helping me be clean!

Elder Campbell is a champ. He's from Scotland, been out for 11 months, he's 19 and an excellent missionary. We work hard 24/7! He played on some jr pro soccer team in Scotland and is beast. 

The ward is also way cool! very nice people. So im serving in an area called Harrogate which is the riches place in our mission. I swear I have seen at least 4000 BMW M4's 5's and 6's it is insane. Also a billion porches, ferraris, alpha romaoes, lambos, ducatis, triumphs, etc. Its gnarly!!!! My address is 98 Kings Road if you want to try and find it!

The area hasn't had a baptism in over a year.... President told me in our first interview that he expects things to change now.... super intense! Well guess what. We have an investigator that just committed to baptism on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall have no idea how crazy that is. His name is Frazer, hes from England, 30 years old, and struggles with smoking his esig and a few emotional problems. He is a rockstar though. He keeps his commitments, comes to church, and has super deep spiritual conversations with us during our lessons. Pray for him! The date is set for April 15!!!! So hyped. 

I'll have loads more time to email next week, I havent gotten my ipad yet so I have limited time in the library but I think I get tons of time to email normally.But things are beyond amazing here. The church is so true and is such a blessing to everyone. I cant even begin to tell you guys how much of a blessing it is that God has allowed me to come out here and do this work. It is so amazing and I will forever be indebted to him. Every single one of you have been fantastic examples and help to me. I love you all!

PS the food is good, we had a member feed us and they made their version of cafe rio and it was classic haha. I have been eating healthily! Elder C and I have some insane workouts in the morning. We have way to much fun! We dont get to teach very many lessons so we try and teach to people we stop on the street. This one lady stopped and I talked to her about her garden for a solid 20 minutes and then moved the conversation over to the Gospel and Ended up sharing the first vision with her, when I said Hear Him I knew she could feel the spirit telling her it was real, However, she said that the church of England was good enough for her. It was sad, but we are planting seeds and doing our best. I love it!!!!!!

PS can someone please forward this on to GMA, GPA, uncles/aunts etc??

FIRST TWO LETTERS TO MOM AND DAD and letters from Mom and Dad to Scott.


This week has been so amazing. Aside from the pain and suffering in the airport for what ended up being 17 and  half hours, it has been a picture perfect week. I can't even tell you how happy I have been. My studies have been amazing, I wish we were studying together though! Everywhere I look I see God's hand. Such an amazing place to be! I remember how in my patriarchal blessing it talks about how on my mission I should take everything to the Lord and he will help me fix them. The only thing I have been nervous about is feeling lonely and homesick. At the airport I prayed my guts out that I would be able to survive all 17.5 hours without those feelings coming on and I made it. I see that it was a test and a blessing from God because I now am so confident in my ability to focus on the Lord and not feeling homesick. There won't ever be another 17 hours on my mission with that much time to freak myself out! I feel like a new man already. I can also say with humble confidence that I have been 100% obedient, including waking up at 6:30AM. I feel very strongly that as long as I am exactly obedient every day that the Lord will help me stay happy and motivated for my entire mission. I haven't been sad for even  a second at all, no anxiety, just peace knowing I am supposed to be here. I have for sure felt your prayers and fasting in my life. SO HAPPY!! 

I'm sorry you've been so busy! I'll for sure pray and fast for you. You're an excellent example to me, dad. I love you!

I love you so much. I am incredibly grateful for your help in getting me all  the way here. I miss you!!

On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 12:00 AM, Greg Saylin <> wrote:


I have been waiting all week to write you -- forcing myself to wait until this afternoon -- so I wouldn't be a distraction to you during your first week.  I have prayed for you night and morning, and every prayer in between.  I seriously cannot wait to hear from you.  I presume that Monday is p-day and we'll hear from you tomorrow.  I am really hopeful that this is your email address, and that it didn't change from last time.  I wrote you last week and hope you got it.  

I am not sure even where to start.  I have a MILLION questions for you.  Hopefully you will answer all of them in your email home.  We know you made it to your mission because we got an email from Sister Turvey and then the next morning we got a picture of you with the Turvey's and then one with the Turvey's and your new companion.  I've looked at those pictures at least a million times!   We also saw on the mission facebook site a picture from the zone conference and found you in it!  That's pretty much all we know.  I am eager to hear about your crazy journey getting there (what did you do all day in Amsterdam?), about meeting President Turvey, about your new companion (name, where he is from, how long out, etc.), about your area, about your flat (including address so we can look it up on google earth), about your ward (we found an article about your bishop -- apparently his second time being bishop?), your district (how many missionaries in your ward?), your zone, and the area you are living in.  We want to hear it all.  

I have been praying and praying that your first week would be a good one, and that you would connect with your companion and those in the mission.  I keep having in my mind the picture of you in the airport after you got through security with both fists pumped in the air.  I could not be prouder of you Scott for making it back -- for overcoming all odds and all things.  Wow -- I am amazed.  John Edwards stopped me in the hall today and asked about you.  With emotion on his face he said please tell Scott that his triumph is meaningful to everyone in our ward.  He said Jane was emotional calling him to tell him the news that you had returned to England.  You have impacted so many people by the way you have fought back and made this happen.  You are a miracle.  

I forwarded Keith's email to you from last week so hopefully you got it.  You can tell that he is super excited for you.  I hope you two can connect on email as well.  He sounds like he is doing so much better after being so down about being moved out of his area.  

Let's see -- this is so weird giving you the update at home.  I am used to telling Keith, but more used to having you here!  I had a pretty busy week at work with a few fire drills, and was in Fresno on Friday for a deposition (flew in and back the same day).  Mom, Soph and Ned were in St. George for the weekend for a dance competition.  Kate came home to help hold down the fort.  I had a good talk with her and was glad to finally connect with her.  Sounds like she has been blue with the reality of her world -- just how things haven't turned out like they were supposed to.  If you get time to email her, I hope you might reach out to her soul rather than just the usual.  You are uniquely positioned to bless her.  

I am heading to Medford, Oregon tomorrow for my big hearing on Tuesday -- pray for me as I will need it.  Then we are preparing to head to Houston for our little reunion/spring break experience.  Should be fun.  

What do you guys do for Conference?  With the six hour time change, it must make it difficult to watch live.  How does that work for you?  

My spiritual thought for you:   I have been back reading the Old Testament again.  I started reading after Seth's patriarchal blessing to understand better the relationships of the 12 tribes.  It really is something to think that we have been adopted into the House of Ephraim but the blood of Judah flows through our veins.  When I did the DNA test, the largest marker in my blood -- nearly half -- was Eastern European Jew.  Crazy huh?   There is much promised to both of these tribes.  After working through Genesis, I have been in Exodus.  Remarkable history for sure.  One of the lines I keep pondering on is when Moses was moving the Jews out of Egypt, having been finally told by Pharaoh to leave.  The Egyptians started to pursue them with all of the chariots of war and were coming to kill them.  The Jews saw them and began to doubt.  They were fearful and stopped moving towards the Red Sea.  After all, with an army pursuing you, running to the edge of the sea doesn't look like a great strategic move since you are going to be trapped.  Moses prayed to the Lord for help, and this is what the scriptures say:

And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward:

   There is much to learn in this verse. First, it is clear that the Lord intends for us to do all within our power before we turn to Him and ask for a miracle.  But the words of the Lord also remind me of our calling in the priesthood, and how we are here to lead the people.  The Lord placed us here to do this work -- and the people are to hear His words through us.  We are the tools the Lord placed here to provide direction, hope and peace to the people.  Yes, in the most dramatic and dangerous and desperate of circumstances, but also when a little family is losing their home, or they don't have enough food to eat, or when a young mother is being abandoned by her husband, or when health issues are a concern.  When life turns difficult, the Lord expects his priesthood to lead.  You are on the front line of that battle.  I think it is important to remember when the people are lost and difficult to lead -- it is for the priesthood to teach, testify, lead and give hope.  

Well, Jack, can't wait for your email.  Please tell us everything you have time to share.  We can't get enough.  I so hope you are doing well.  Again, know of my love and prayers for you -- that all of my faith is being exercised in your behalf.  Know that I am so proud of you, and that your being there in England means more than you can possibly imagine.  I will forever thank my God for it.  

Take luck,


P.S.  I presume since you have an iPad that printing and mailing these emails to you is not helpful.  If that isn't the case, let me know.  

P.P.S.  Is there anything you need?

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I'm here! Man what a week! Mom, it's been so amazing! I love the English people. Thank you so much for your fasting and prayers for me. I feel them every day! I am so lucky to have such a faithful mom who is ALWAYS in tune with the spirit. Knowing that you always knew I would be here has been such a motivation to me out here. I love getting to serve the same people as you! Your example to me of how to stay positive and happy no matter what is amazing. I have been the happiest person in the UK and intend to be that way for 2 years! I can relate to so many of the people we teach in a million different ways. We taught a 23 year old dude last night who is struggling with many drug addictions. When we went to teach him he was high as a kite and couldn't focus on the gospel. On the way home I cried to see how sad it is to be in his shoes. I can see how sad he is and I also see how much potential he has to be so happy! I won't give up. Pray for Jamie!! I love you so much,  mom, you are the world to me!!!!!! I would be lost without you. You have played such a key role in getting me here and I will always be grateful and love you!!!!

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 3:53 AM, <> wrote:

Elder Saylin,
What a joy it is to write that to you .  Before I crawl into bed I just want to thank you for the most wonderful pleasure it is to be your mom. Today and last night was miraculous. Our prayers have all been answered. The Atonement fixed everything. Everything. And now look at you.....

The ride home from the airport was so sad. Everyone just cried. It was quite something. You may not realize the powerful impact for good you have on all of us. We now await word about the start of this mission you've worked so hard to return to. I'm so proud of you.

I'm sure you're exhausted. I prayed all day for you. I hope the flight was ok. We spent the whole day tracking where you were. Only a few more hours and you'll be there. Wow. Wow.

Know we love and miss you. You are amazing. Truly none finer.

I love you,

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Good-bye Elder Saylin 6:am Salt Lake City Airport March 19, 2017

President Turvey's welcome letter.

21 March 2017

Mr & Mrs. Gregory Saylin
1095 E. Mariwood Cir.
North Salt Lake, UT 84054

Dear Brother & Sister Saylin,

Sister Turvey and I have had the privilege of welcoming your son to the England Leeds Mission.  How grateful we are for his desire to serve the Lord.

We are grateful for his smiles, for his warmth, and especially for his sweet spirit.
His trainer has been prayerfully considered and is Elder Jamie Francis Frederick Campbell .  They will be serving in the Harrogate 1.1 Area in the York Zone.

We look forward to serving alongside Elder Scott Jackob Saylin and sharing his progress and successes from time to time with you.

We already love him.

President & Sister Turvey

P.S.  Facebook:  England Leeds Mission Turvey 2016-2019

You can send letters to your son's flat address, but make sure you remember transfers happen every six weeks.  Packages, however, need to be sent to the mission office at the address below.  Please be aware that it takes some time to actually get here, then it may take a couple more weeks for us to get them delivered to your missionary.

England Leeds Mission
Lister House, Lister Hill
Leeds LS18 5AZ

Elder Saylin has arrived! ~ Sister Turvey

Hi there just to let you know that Elder Saylin finally arrived bless him!!!! He looks great considering his rather long ordeal!

We are currently driving north of the mission, as we have Zone Conference tomorrow and Elder Saylin's zone is going to be there. His companion, Elder Campbell, is with us. (They are chatting away! It's awesome!)

We booked rooms in a hotel so that Elder Saylin didn't have an early start to get the coach in the morning.

He is in good spirits and we are so excited to have him here!
We will get pictures tomorrow and have them sent to you.

Sister Debbie Turvey

England Leeds Mission