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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This has been one of the best weeks of my life so far. I have been so happy and learned so much!! I don't even know where to start. Well I start by telling you the worst experience of my life. So. My plane left from salt lake to Atlanta (4 hours) then from Atlanta to Amsterdam (8 hours) and my flight to Leeds was supposed to be about 2 hours later but it got canceled. The next available flight was !6 hours later, and then that one got delayed making it 17 and a half hours later. No phone, no computer, no headphones, nothing. Just me, my scriptures, and preach my gospel. Gratefully I had all of your letters but I read them all on the first plane! I walked around every square inch of that airport in boredom and i kid you not I found a piano!!! I played that for about an hour and probably drove everyone crazy! Dont care, I was suffering. You guys have no idea! But it was all worth it to get here. I was picked up by President Turvey and his wife and my companion, Elder Campbell and we actually stayed in a hotel that night because it was so late and we had zone conference the next morning. It was awesome!

My flat is so small haha I love it. Picture my room, now imagine 2 bunk-beds in it with no closet! We live with 2 other missionaries who are a blast! One was actually in the MTC with me and the other is from Tonga. Anyway, we have a dresser type thing that we all share and there's no room to have messes so that's nice that its helping me be clean!

Elder Campbell is a champ. He's from Scotland, been out for 11 months, he's 19 and an excellent missionary. We work hard 24/7! He played on some jr pro soccer team in Scotland and is beast. 

The ward is also way cool! very nice people. So im serving in an area called Harrogate which is the riches place in our mission. I swear I have seen at least 4000 BMW M4's 5's and 6's it is insane. Also a billion porches, ferraris, alpha romaoes, lambos, ducatis, triumphs, etc. Its gnarly!!!! My address is 98 Kings Road if you want to try and find it!

The area hasn't had a baptism in over a year.... President told me in our first interview that he expects things to change now.... super intense! Well guess what. We have an investigator that just committed to baptism on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall have no idea how crazy that is. His name is Frazer, hes from England, 30 years old, and struggles with smoking his esig and a few emotional problems. He is a rockstar though. He keeps his commitments, comes to church, and has super deep spiritual conversations with us during our lessons. Pray for him! The date is set for April 15!!!! So hyped. 

I'll have loads more time to email next week, I havent gotten my ipad yet so I have limited time in the library but I think I get tons of time to email normally.But things are beyond amazing here. The church is so true and is such a blessing to everyone. I cant even begin to tell you guys how much of a blessing it is that God has allowed me to come out here and do this work. It is so amazing and I will forever be indebted to him. Every single one of you have been fantastic examples and help to me. I love you all!

PS the food is good, we had a member feed us and they made their version of cafe rio and it was classic haha. I have been eating healthily! Elder C and I have some insane workouts in the morning. We have way to much fun! We dont get to teach very many lessons so we try and teach to people we stop on the street. This one lady stopped and I talked to her about her garden for a solid 20 minutes and then moved the conversation over to the Gospel and Ended up sharing the first vision with her, when I said Hear Him I knew she could feel the spirit telling her it was real, However, she said that the church of England was good enough for her. It was sad, but we are planting seeds and doing our best. I love it!!!!!!

PS can someone please forward this on to GMA, GPA, uncles/aunts etc??

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