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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Blessed --April 17, 2017

What's up guys! So transfer calls were yesterday, I thought for sure I was safe because the training program is 12 weeks. So I was positive that I would be staying with Elder Campbell so I could finish out being trained. Nope! Elder Campbell got moved, so I'm left here in Harrogate to run the area after 4 weeks. I was freaking the heck out at first because I'm still so new and don't know everything about our area and stuff but I just have to trust President Turvey and will do my best! My new companion is named Elder Walker and he's from Canada! That's all I know about him haha so hopefully he's very patient with me! I'll pick him up from the train station tomorrow and then the fun begins!

Happy Easter! We got totally spoiled yesterday. A bunch of the members gave us giant chocolate Easter eggs and baskets and stuff! We had a really fun dinner at the Milewski's. Sister Milewski cooked lamb which reminded me of Mak but I happily ate it:) 

Frazer's baptism is on Saturday!!!! You guys have no idea how much this means to me! He's off his esig and nicotine, coffee, tea, and alcohol. He's so thrilled to receive a remission of his sins and get the Holy Ghost. He's grown so much over the past few weeks from a sad lonely dude to being so happy and full of life. He gives God all the credit for it and is so right! The gospel has blessed his life in so many ways. I love the work!! Elder Campbell and I are super bummed that he's being transferred right before the baptism though. He's been here for 7 months no baptisms and literally days before we have one he gets transferred!! So we're bummed about that but it's not about us, it's about Frazer! His baptismal interview is tomorrow so pray for him!!

Our other investigator, Diogo, is from Portugal. He's a super humble guy and came here to find work. He's schedule to be baptized on the 6th of May!  Mandy is a 40-50 year old woman we met, we've met with her a few times and she's scheduled for May 13th! Pray for both of them to keep progressing!

Jamie Newall. He's really starting to feel the spirit and his testimony is starting to grow. The most spiritual amazing lessons we teach are always with him. He has a hard shell but I can see his desire to learn and feel the direction the Gospel gives. He went all clean two weeks without doing any drugs at all but had a friend come in town on Friday and it wasn't good for him. I know the Lord will provide a way, though! I know how much the gospel can help him and I really feel blessed to be involved in Jamie's progression. I swear on my life he's going to be a bishop someday! He has mad potential! He loves meeting with us and is really beginning to see the truth of this!

So I pulled a Keith and got kissed on the cheek yesterday... we were doing some street contacting and saw this lady just walking about laughing hysterically by herself! I thought for sure we'd have to talk to her hahaha. She actually came up to us and said she's not crazy, she just couldn't stop laughing because someone had an Easter decoration of a skeleton wearing bunny ears... so funny! We ended up talking to her for a long time. She had such a sincere story about how her husband cheated on her which caused her to start drinking a ton and her two boys went to love with him. She got into some trouble with the law and was super depressed (this was 4 years ago). She said that one day she was about ready to give up but she felt an overwhelming sense of love and described "feeling like someone grabbed me by the back of my collar, pulled me out of the depression, and said I need to get a grip". She knew it was God and from that day on hadn't been depressed, hadn't had any drinking problems, got her kids back, and has spent the last few years volunteering for a program that helps woman who were like her. She was really amazing! I told her that it really was God and that he loves her so much, and how he allowed her to go through that so she could help other people. She started tearing up and then out of no where grabbed my face with two hands and laid a big one right on my cheek! I think she saw how shocked I was and then just started laughing. hahaha She's really cool though! She's 52, has 2 sons,  and we have a return appointment on Wednesday! 

I got my haircut at this Turkish place today and it was so cool. They did some weird flaming cotton ball thing and burned off hair like on my ears and neck... so weird but really cool! 

It rained constantly the whole week haha. Welcome to England! I LOVE IT! I can't believe I almost lost this chance. I pray my guts out every morning and every night to thank Heavenly Father for this experience. The church is true! It's the best!!

I love you all!!

PS.  Mom, 
I've been super clean and tidy, laundry once a week, made my bed, and everything! You taught me well:) I've even been waking up at 6:25am just to make sure I'm on time!

England is legit mom! I'm loving it. I miss you so much❤️ We all talk about our moms all the time. I love you mom!!!

PPS Dad: 
I just feel so blessed to be here. I'm so lucky you were able to
help me so much. I'm way glad I'm here and not who knows where! I miss
you tons.  I'm also low key freaking out about running the area already!!! It's
insane. Any words of wisdom? President either forgot I was so new, is
testing me, or is punishing Elder W.  haha Who knows, but I'm really
really excited about it. I'm excited to have this opportunity to step
up and show myself, President, and the Lord what I've got! So fun! So

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