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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Frazer's been baptised!!!! Man, it was so awesome! He's come such a long way and I couldn't be more happy for him! We had a ceremony for throwing away the rest of his tea earlier this week and we took a picture with the empty box and he looked so happy! He is now the newest member of the Harrogate Ward! He asked me to speak at his baptism and I was honoured! I also had to speak in sacrament meeting too so people are probably sick of me haha

So my new companion is such a savage! His name is Adam Walker, he's Canadian, and he's only been out one more transfer than me so we're so new and having a complete blast!! On our first day together we were out doing some street contacting and talked to this olde couple. The lady had on these crazy red and white checkered trousers. When we were done talking and were walking away Elder Walker said,  "I LOVE YOUR PANTS! THOSE ARE THE COOLEST PANTS I'VE EVER SEEN!" They both turned around and gave us such a weird look and then we remembered that pants in England are underpants!! hahaha They call pants trousers. He quickly said back, "I mean trousers!" And then we spent the next 5 minutes dying laughing!!! So funny! You live and you learn. We really get along well, though. We're super similar and our teaching/finding styles go well together! He's an awesome missionary and we're both learning so much! 

So a new group of missionaries came in this week and President Turvey asked if I would come to the intro to the mission meeting and stuff because I missed the last one. So we had a quick meeting in the morning and then headed up to this beautiful place on top of a hill, one of President's favourite places in England. We had a short testimony meeting and he told us to go off and find a nice place to pray to dedicate ourselves to the mission. It was really nice and so pretty. Then we had dinner at President and Sister Turvey's house and it was a lot of fun! It reminded me of those meetings in the mission home in Texas. 

The APs went on splits with us on Friday for a few hours and it was really nice to have a car for a bit because our area is so huge!! We met some very interesting people and found lots of potential investigators. They're coming back on Wednesday to go on splits again because we're going to see this guy who lives in the middle of nowhere in a town called Kepwick. We mapped it and it, no joke, will take us 10 hours and 51 minutes to walk there! That's how enormous our area is!! We'll have to take a train to York, then to Thirsk, and from Thirsk it's a 2 and a half hour walk to Kepwick. So that's going to be fun to make that trip all the time! 

So we have tea appointments with members every single night this week. We're fed so well! That makes grocery shopping a ton easier, too. The members are really awesome! Loads of them are American and are here working at the military base, but we're losing like 35 people or something in June because they're being relocated! That'll be sad; some key families are leaving! 

We haven't seen Kema yet, they've been out of town but they're feeding us on Tuesday so please pray it goes well! Mandy has disappeared... I've called her a bunch of times and we've knocked on her door a few times too and haven't seen her! I don't really have an update on that. Frazer's been baptized!! Jamie is working hard to quit his addictions and slowly gaining more faith. I wish you could meet him. Some lessons with him are out of control but some are the most spiritual lessons I've had out here yet. The Gospel will help him so much and words can't describe how much I want this for him. He's a solid dude. Pray for him! Our other investigator, Diogo is still doing well! He's worked 12 hour shifts the past few days so we haven't heard from him but we'll be seeing him again soon and helping him progress towards his date! We found some more potentials this week, including a single mom and her 4 super cute kids. 

President Turvey has challenged us to visit every active member every month. We went to go see a woman in our ward who is 92 I think. We knocked on the door and her son answered and asked us to come in to give her a blessing. It was a really sweet experience, being in the right place at the right time is key to missionary work! We also got asked to give a woman a blessing after church yesterday. She's not a member but we set up a return appointment for Tuesday. 

Sorry for such a long email, we have so many amazing things happen every single day I wish I had time to tell them all! 

I love you all, the church is so true!! Nothing is better than this. The happiness it's brought me is so crazy! 

Ps. They spell honor honour and color colour here so don'tbe worried about the spelling errors!

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