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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

1 Nephi 3:7 GO AND DO

Hey guys! This week was crazy. We had every kind of weather possible. Snow, hail, sleet, rain, torrential downpour, wind, and sunshine. All in the same day! We were soaked and freezing for a good chunk of it but it was a lot of fun! On Wednesday we went up to a little town called Kepwick because we had a referral who lives up there. Since it's so far away we decided to spend a couple hours finding because missionaries had probably never been there before! It was a beautiful little countryside town and we'll be going back there a lot because we scheduled 3 people for baptism! I guess the Lord really wants to see how much effort we're willing to give because it takes forever and a year to get there!  Super awesome. 

We just started teaching this kid named Eli, his mom is inactive, but we think she's okay with us teaching him.  We found him through one of the members! Eli is 12 and a really cool dude. We played basketball on Thursday night with the other Elders and the 12 year old kid they're teaching. It was pouring rain and a ton of fun! We are hoping to get Eli baptized and his whole family back to church. 

Mandy and Diogo both have vanished. We've tried calling and texting them with no success and knocked on their doors a billion times, nothing! We went around outside of the hotel Diogo works at hoping to bump into him but we're pretty sure he's either dead, vanished, kidnapped, or is just done with us! Jamie is still doing well; he finally admitted to having a tiny bit of faith! I was thrilled when he said that because I knew he did all along. He's been pretty sick this week, though, because of all the drugs he's doing, so we hope that boosts his desire to stop and to let the Lord help. We helped clean his flat on Saturday because it is so incredibly messy you wouldn't even believe. It took us a little over an hour and a half to do just his living room.... but we felt prompted to help him clean up so we can better invite the Spirit! Don't do drugs and listen to your mothers! Yesterday he called me just to tell me how he woke up early and decided to read the Book of Mormon!!! He read 2 chapters and even prayed about it. We saw him at night and he went on and on about his day and how good it was. We knew it was because of his efforts to read and pray but he said it was coincidence, but I know he knows!! We read 1st Nephi chapter 3 together and when we read verse 7 we stopped for a minute and talked about how God will provide away for us to do whatever He asks. I could tell he was feeling the spirit testifying to him that God was on his team. It was amazing!! He's really done well this week. 

Elder Walker had a fantastic idea of doing the gallon challenge Saturday night instead of having dinner. So we did! It was awesome. haha I drank the whole thing but threw up several times so I failed but it was so funny.  Elder Walker finished his over like a 2 hour period, barfing along the way. hahahhaha We were just laughing so hard! We have way too much fun! At least 5 times a day something happens that makes us just die laughing! He trips over everything. haha He's super tall and skinny and just can't walk well, but he plays basketball like a champion. A member fed us curry last night and it was insanely spicy. It was delicious, but we both had to spring full speed home after for certain reasons haha just laughing hysterically the whole way!!

I met this family on the train from Ghana yesterday. A mom, 2 boys probably around 8 or 9, and a girl who was probably around 20. I loved getting to talk to them! It brought back so many memories. They were singing, laughing, and just radiating happiness!! I miss it all so much! 

I'm finally feeling like I know my way around the area pretty well! I know which buses and trains to take, and I'm learning a bunch about the Harrogate area! I love it so much! We've been experimenting new ways to find people. We borrowed a member's big golden retrievers and took them on a walk to try and catch some dog people and it was very successful! People were so much nicer and willing to talk just because we had dogs! Literally everyone has a dog here and they all love talking about them which makes for easy conversation! 

I love you all! I love being a missionary and I love England. This is the best!!

Ps. Just a small spiritual thought. I've found that when we pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him questions, often times we are asking things we already know the answer to. Asking myself, "What do I think God would tell me?" has proven to be very helpful for me! He always answers prayers, but it ways we don't always expect. If we are constantly searching we'll constantly find!

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