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Monday, May 22, 2017

Lots of rain......

Hello! Lots of rain this week! I actually don't think its stopped for longer than like an hour for the last week! Welcome to England:) But I got the worlds coolest rainbow picture ever. I'll attach it so everyone can see! Seriously, so pretty. We had quite an eventful week!

We had breakfast with this guy named Allen, a wee little Scottish lad in our ward who is probably around 70 and he is so funny!! He fed all four of us a "traditional Scottish breakfast" and it was really good, though I had no clue what I was eating. haha He served a ton of food and put something that, no joke, looked like a hockey puck on our plates. I asked what it was and he said he would tell us after which worried me because the Scots eat haggis and stuff like that! I just thought of Keith who is eating who knows what! So I gratefully ate it and it was fine! Turns out it's solidified cooked pig's blood. I almost Mcbarfed when he told us that!!! Who the heck eats solidified pig blood?? We had a good laugh for a long time. hahaha Scottish people eat some weird things. 

We were teaching an 86 year old woman named Audrey and she was so funny!! She's seriously so mean and sarcastic, but in a funny way, and we love it! We really enjoyed getting to teach her. While we were there her daughter showed up. After we were done she chased us down in the street and told us never to come back. She said that Audrey had Alzheimer's and didn't want us coming around anymore! We were super upset because Audrey clearly didn't have Alzheimer'-- she remembered our names, what we talked about in other lessons, literally everything! But we had to respect her daughter's wishes and just politely said okay. 

We had interviews on Wednesday with President and Sister Turvey which was nice! We showed up soaking wet though because I have the world's smallest umbrella and I swear it rains from all directions, including up, so it's not possible to stay dry! They are really awesome though. Very encouraging and loving! 

Jamie isn't doing too well... he just has nothing to do all day but drugs because he has no job, not really any friends, and no hobbies. I feel really badly for him! He has loads of potential, but drugs are ruining his life! We are trying to get him involved in the church's addiction recovery program videos but he doesn't see how anything can help him. All of this has happened to him because he hung out with the wrong crowd when he was younger and now can't escape. Goes to show how important your friends are-- choose wisely!!

Frazer is doing well though! He's been fellowshipping this girl that the other elders are teaching and has been a big help! We think they fancy each other which is really awesome. He's been going out with the other guys to teach her which has really strengthened his testimony.

Adele is very hard to teach. She questions everything we say and thinks everything and everyone is most likely evil because the devil can disguise himself as something good... she's also scared of reading the Book of Mormon which makes things harder as well! If anyone has any advice on this please let me know! She really is super sweet and has a heart of gold, just needs a bit of help. So pray for her! Her boyfriend, Christian, has been listening to the discussions as well and is starting to open up and learn, too. So we are hoping to commit him to baptism soon! 

Transfers are just around the corner and I have no idea what to expect! I know Elder Peterson won't be here because he's going home:( but I have no clue if I will still be in Harrogate with Elder Walker or somewhere else! I love Harrogate! I think transfer calls are on Sunday night so I should find out soon.

Thanks for all your emails! I love them. Thanks for your encouragement and love! 
It sounds like your seminar thing went well! By the looks of the pictures, it looks very posh! You're awesome. Glad that's over with, though? 

No worries about my technology troubles though. Not a big concern! I may send home a flash drive sometime and have you put some Gladys Knight! Elder Peterson is leaving his speaker with me and I can plug a flash drive right into it to play, That's what lots of people do here! Pretty fun. Makes it easy to share eachother's music! 

I've been doing more studying on the divine companionship. So cool. I keep forgetting, but when I get home tonight I'll take a picture or something of my notes or write down my thoughts so I can send them to you. Such cool and very helpful stuff. The Spirit is key, not just to missionary work, but to everyday life. Without Him we can't learn and progress! 

I also love your thoughts on Mosiah 5. Great stuff. I'll most definitely study that more this week. I do know it's one of your favorites! And I'm still on the GMS Plan! The things you tell me to study have always changed my heart. You're the best! I love your spiritual thoughts. They always help my week! 

I love you lots! Not a second goes by that I don't think about you and how much you've helped me. I'm very lucky to have you  as parents, leading me and guiding me on the right path. Thank you very much!! I love yoiu. I miss you!

I am so grateful to be here. Its such a tremendous blessing to serve the Lord in this way and I would strongly advise everyone who can to serve a mission! Doing what the Lord wants, in the correct way, is always worth it! Listen to your parents, and love your families every day. Families are forever! 


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