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Monday, May 15, 2017

MAY 8, 2017 FARMS

Way fast week!! So we had zone conference on Tuesday and slept at some other Elders flat near the church. There were 8 of us and only 2 beds so I slept on the floor crammed in a tiny office and it was awesome haha I didn't sleep one bit! Some conference was way fun though! President and Sister Turvey are awesome. They teach very well and it really helped a ton! 

On Wednesday we went up to Thirsk again to visit our people up there. Adel is doing well, still planning on being baptised so that's awesome! Keith texted us last week and told us he didn't want us to come back and that he was just going to stick with his faith. We called him a bunch and texted but no answer! We attempted the 3 hour walk to his house on Wednesday but shortly realised there was no way we would get there and back in time for curfew. We were walking on this footpath thing that our gps app (which runs without data or wifi) took us through and we were legit in the middle of people's farms! Elder Walker kept trying to touch the cows and I thought for sure we were going to be killed!! Loads of fun though!

I gave Elder Walker a haircut this week, it looks so good!! He trusts me a ton haha but I was impressed with my work. I gave him a sweet fade and blended it well. Now everyone is asking me to give them haircuts so that's what I'll spend most of my day doing today! 

We went on splits with the elders in York again this week, I was with a lad named Elder Franco who's from Spain! He's been out for 20 months and really nice guy! He's very quite though but we had a lot of fun! 

So Frazer's been a bit sketch this week and didn't come to church...not good but we're hoping to find out what's going on soon! And Jamie has a buddy come into town that isn't good for him and dug him deeper into his drug use. He's gone now though and Elder Walker and I have a solid plan. He's a good kid he just needs to see it! Please pray that he'll feel the spirit and be encouraged to quit! We had a fantastic lesson with Adel this week! We taught her and her boyfriend the plan of Salvation and answered a bunch of questions. She's 3 months pregnant and just found out her baby has Down Syndrome and she's so excited to have her! Adel has a heart of gold and is very loving. She's still on track to be baptized! 


I had a really really cool dream sh thing this week that I wanted to share with you. I had this dream and saw you two running through a field type thing that looked just like the garden of Eden from the temple videos. I was there, I could tell I was holding hands with someone (not sure whom) but we were running behind you guys laughing and having a great time and you guys kept turning around to make sure we were still with you. Again just super happy and beautiful! Then I saw the two of you dressed in your temple clothes holding hands and surrounded by beautiful bright white light, and again just had the happiest of feelings, pure joy!! I'm not sure what it all means, but I do know that I have been greatly blessed with such amazing parents. Word cannot describe how grateful I am for you, how much I love you, and how much I want to be together forever. I know that God is real; He's very aware of each of us and is the only way to true happiness. You two are the most amazing parents and I am very confident the Lord has even more amazing things in store for you! I love you very much. Thank you for your example to me, and to each of us. No empty chairs!!

On another note, I'm thinking I will be skyping/facetiming at around 7 here, so noon to you guys. Is that okay? We have to go to a members house to do it so we will need to double check the time with them but I will let you know for sure shortly! 

I love you!!

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